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-Get involved-

Call to Action

Ward Street Community Resources is operated entirely by volunteers.  It is funded entirely by donations.  Won't you consider helping the poor and hungry by providing some of your time or resources? 


It's rewarding and it's fun, and makes a difference in other's lives...join us today.  We have an assortment of positions that are ready for you.  The schedules and hours are very flexible -- you decide your level of commitment.

Donate Clothes

We have varying needs for donations throughout this pandemic season we're in. Before donating, please call 336-888-6091 and leave a detailed message including your name and phone number. DO NOT ever leave donations outside. Thank you!

Donate Food

We distribute hundreds of pounds of groceries to the food insecure every week. If you're interested in donating food or hosting a food drive, please call 336-888-6091 to find out our current needs. DO NOT ever leave donations outside. Thank you!

Food Drives

Food drives or contributions can be easy and fun.  Consider simply placing a basket or other focal point at your place of worship for others to give.  Don't forget personal hygiene items -- they're important too. 

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